“LA TORRICELLA” COUNTRY HOUSE b&b is situated a short distance from Mazzano Romano and is easily accessed by car, lying as it does the area between two important national roads the Cassia and the Flaminia. It is very close to the beautiful area of Monte Gelato waterfalls, in the Valle del Treja Park, which has, in the past, been chosen for several movies and TV productions, from where you get immediate access to lovely nature trails, running along the Treja River. The whole area is surrounded by lush, evergreen woods, a haven for wildlife including many species of songbirds. The river originates from the Sabatini Hills and flows in deep gorges of tuffaceous rock, eventually joining with the Tiber River. The area can be visited on foot, the going being not too difficult for young and old alike, or on horseback. En route you will come across the remains of the Falisci ancient civilization and possibly encounter foxes, weasels, hawks and kestrels. In Mazzano, the medieval village on a hill, can be visited and the archaeological virtual museum of Narce, is available to those interested in ancient civilization.

In the immediate vicinity the ‘Treja Adventure Park’ can be found, the largest in Lazio, the province of Rome. There are many trails, running through the park of varying gradients, ensuring great fun for all. At a distance of about 10 km, the Vallelunga Autodrome ‘Piero Taruffi’ offers a renowned Centre for Safe Driving and has an extensive program of races and other events. In addition, within our location you can visit the archaeological site “The Roman Road”.

The ancient historical village of Calcata is only 4 km away, standing on a tuff buttress. With its rich schedule of spring/summer events it is the ideal destination for a relaxing day. But this is not all: several other attractions in the area can help to make your stay a more enjoyable one: from the Necropolis and the museums of Blera, Norchia, Tarquinia, Cerveteri and Tuscania, where the ancient and mysterious Etruscan people dominated central Italy before the Romans (VII- VI BC), to the natural glamour of Lake Bracciano, with its beautiful towns of Trevignano and Anguillara, overlooking the lake’s shore, famous for their magical sunsets.

In Anguillara we would recommend visiting the village from the Neolithic age which, submerged under the water, as it has been for 8 millenniums, is the oldest neolithical village in Europe. In Bracciano can be found the picturesque Odescalchi castle, built in the second half of the 15th century, featuring a museum with space dedicated to demonstrations and festivals. Not to be missed, and lying within a stone’s throw is the small Martignano Lake, which has been declared a National Park.
For a taste of the world of aviation you may visit the Historical Museum of Military Aviation at Vigna di Valle.

At approximately 60 km you can find the enchanting atmosphere of the “Sacred Forest” of Bormarzo, created by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, and renamed by the imagination of the local population as the ‘Park of the Monsters’. Huge stone sphinxes, dragons and other animals will welcome you on your arrival along with other statues of Neptune and mermaids. Dating back to 1552, they still light up the imagination of young and old.

Viterbo is a 50 km drive away. It is an historical medieval town of undisputed national relevance, with its monuments and places of interest, such as the Palazzo dei Papi, the Duomo di San Lorenzo, the Etruscan Museum and the Civic Museum, it is a well recommended destination for a leisure trip. Viterbo also boasts the magnificent “Thermaes of the Popes” where you can spend a day in the 2000 m² monumental pool, filled with water from the Bullicame springs.

Finally Rome, the main city of Lazio, with its incomparable theatre of monuments and artistic masterpieces. The eternal city, capital of Christianity, with its thousand churches, invites us to meditation and brings us into a fascinating world, which combines the glamour and mystery of ancient times with the modernity of the European metropolis.